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As history tells it the Blind Monk is derived from, the famed Benedictine Monk who would taste and select grapes (wine) blindfolded. The connection being the Monk's obsession with selecting the highest quality and most flavoursome grapes without influence of where it was sourced from.


The focus for The Blind Monk, as it was with the Monk himself, is good-tasting beers and ciders together paired with equally fresh and tasty food.


We are staffed with a fun team of friendly, knowledgeable lovers of beer and food and plan to intertwine these two necessities in life harmoniously within the warm and inviting walls of The Blind Monk.

The Blind Monk caters to all crowds, whether it's you and your mates sitting on the bar stools out the front, in the restaurant with the family or out the back in the beer garden with your girlfriends. With its chilled out feel and taps rotating frequently it's going to become one of your regular stops.

The Heart of Hamilton


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The Blind Monk
76 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2304
Phone: 02 4023 5290

Instagram || @blindmonk

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