Coopers Vintage - Feature Craft Beer

Ok, you will need to get in quick for this one....This weeks feature craft beer is one that we have been waiting for at The Blind Monk and I must say we are as happy as a pig mud to have it on tap but I can't see it lasting long.

This beer is not for the faint of heart, At a wopping 7.5% I have just taken down 2 schooners of this delightful stuff and certainly wouldnt risk it with the boys in blue driving home. So looks like the car is sleeping on Beaumont St (yet again!)

As for the beer.... In the Glass it looks almost like a syrup, nice small head and icy cold, This beer has been named perfectly as you can almost taste the word Vintage in it, you certainly need to sit back and enjoy this one as its no skulling beer but it still has a smoothness too it with a nice sweet and malty aftertaste.

Overall, This is a good quality craft beer and goes perfectly with our new Winter Lamb Shanks, I don't think I could drink too many of these but hey, stranger things have happend.

Get in quick, this beer will not last long on tap!

Rating - 4/5

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